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The first "British Motorcycle Meet" was informal, it was held on November 3, 1979 at Triumph of Wellesley, through the courtesy of shop owners John and Susan Healy. Twenty die-hard British motorcycle enthusiasts made it to the event.

The second meet was on April 20, 1980 and was held at the Museum of Transportation's Museum Wharf in Boston. 150 motorcycle showed up.

The third meet, on April 26, 1981 about 200 bikes were displayed.

The fourth meet, in 1982, almost didn't happen. The Museum of Transportation had ceased operation and was preparing to move back to Larz Anderson Park, in Brookline, Massachusetts. Despite the museum's closure, it was held one last time at The Wharf.

1983 saw the meet move to the Auburn Elk's Club, Route 12, Auburn, Mass. That year, it was moved from April to late May/early June to take advantage of warmer weather.


Faced with increasing fees and limited services at the Auburn site, in 2014 the Meet committee moved the event to the Bolton Fair fairgrounds on Route 117 in Lancaster, MA, home of the famous Bolton Fair and Ty-Rods annual car show. The Fairgrounds offer many amenities including covered pavilions, better food options, enhnaced parking and display space, and more.

The meet is sponsored by the BSA Owners Club of New England, Inc. (a non-profit organization) and is run and staffed entirely by volunteers, most of whom are BSAOCNE members. It is a celebration of the average street rider trying to maintain his or her machine and get the best riding experience, and partaking in the camaraderie that British motorcycling can offer. This meet is a not for profit event.

The meet flea market is restricted to British-only parts and services except for generic items like motorcycle clothing. It offers a wide variety of restored or parts bikes, and various motorcycle parts both new and old. Vendors are plentiful and routinely come from all over New England, the eastern seaboard states, Canada, and on ocassion, from much farther away. There have been as many as 75 vendors with loads varying from a few boxes of bits out of the family van, to tractor trailer full of bikes and many crates full of new and used parts.

The meet "bike show" itself is a showcase of motorcycles that are actually being ridden on the road today. Also, for those who enjoy British Motorcycle restoration for it's own sake, they get to show their own handy work or outsourced craftsmanship of independent motorcycle shops. Some of these shops choose to advertise in our meet program and sponsor various trophies that are awarded. Please patronize these shops and businesses.

Recognized clubs representing various British motorcycle marques, are free to set up a booth (pre-registration is advised), where they can offer offer technical help, membership information, and tout their club's benefits such as social activities and rides on their chosen brand of British motorcycle. Be sure to check them out and see if they share your interests.

John Bowe, Paul Buck, Dave Comeau, Pete Erikson, Bill Litant, John Mannix, Don Potter, Ron Paré, Peter Quick